2016 FunGIS Conference and AGM - Fun with Funky Stuff!

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When: June 2–3, 2016

Location: Pacific International Hotel Cairns

The 2016 Conference will feature some exciting "new" tech in GIS and a full day of hands on training in FME.

On Thursday 2nd June Fun with Funky Stuff! sessions will feature:

  • Exploring virtual realities with cardboard glasses
  • Cardboard to GIS pipeline
  • Advanced mobile mapping
  • Mapping without GIS software
  • Story mapping with ArcGIS online
  • What's new in MapInfo
  • And a few surprises...

The FunGIS Spatial Olympics will get you out and about on Thursday afternoon, after which refreshing drinks and nibbles will served on the Terrace.

On Friday 3rd June we have a whole day of hands-on training with FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) - built in to both ArcGIS and MapInfo, and compatible with a variety of software.

FunGIS Exec team member and Canberra Institute of Technology trainer Greg Patterson has arranged for conference registrants to receive a free 6 month license for the FME software - don't forget to bring your laptop and on Thursday Greg will assist with loading the software ready for Friday's training.

As an added bonus on Friday FunGIS Conference delegates will be able to attend SSSI Northern Group Conference sessions AT NO EXTRA COST!


Thursday 2nd June 2016

Time Session Title Presenter
8:00 Room opens to public    
8:15 Registration - morning coffee available    
8:45 Acknowledgement of First People   Anne Stapledon
FunGIS Secretary
8:47 Welcome and Housekeeping (including putting together cardboard glasses ready for Keynote) George Corea
FunGIS Chair
9:00 Session 1: Keynote Address Where is GIS going in FNQ, Australia and beyond? Alistair Hart
9:50 Session 2 Showcasing student's work:

Bring out your dead! - FME with Cemetary data;
plus 3D modelling using local high-resolution LiDAR data supplied by Tablelands Regional Council.

Greg Patterson
Canberra Institute
of Technology
10:20 Morning Tea    
10:50 Session 3 Mapping sans GIS Software George Corea
Get Back 2 Basics
11:20 Session 4 Cardboard to GIS Pipeline Gary Searle
(& John Brisbin)
11:50 Session 5 Enabling location-based insights with Spectrum Spatial Analyst Mark Balcon
Pitney Bowes Software
12:20 Lunch  
1:15 FunGIS AGM    
2:00 Session 6 NRM Planning & Story Mapping
with ArcGIS online:
a truly fun & funky way to present information
Sharlene Blakeney,
Gary Searle
2:30 Session 7 Multi-resolution Rasters - How MapInfo Pro Advanced is changing the game Mark Balcon
Pitney Bowes Software
3:00 Afternoon Tea  
3:30 Spatial Olympics (make sure to wear your walking shoes
& limber up your buzzer fingers :-)
Mel Stewart, Gary Searle, Leigh Twine
5:00 Drinks n Nibbles (refresh yourself after the exertions of
the Spatial Olympics)
Hosted by FunGIS and Mangoesmapping


Fri 3rd June 

Morning Session

This training will provide you with a basic understanding of Safe Software's ‘Feature Manipulation Engine’ (FME).

The training will introduce you to some basic concept and terminology of the software and direct you to resources to help apply the product to your own needs.

  1. Introduction to Safe Software
  2. Introduction to FME and its components.
    1. FME Quick Translator
    2. FME Data Inspector
    3. FME Workbench
  3. Data transformation basics
    1. Inspect Data
    2. Generate Workspaces
    3. Introduction to Transformers (i.e creator, bufferer, Clipper, Spatial Relator, tester, Calculator etc….)
    4. Exercises
      1. Examine city data to select a suitable neighborhood to live in
      2. Ground Maintenance Project - Schema editing

Afternoon Session

This training will provide you with more advanced concepts of Feature Manipulation Engine (FME).

This training builds upon the basic framework of workspace creation in FME Desktop who wish to take their FME skills to the next level.

Project work

  1. Manipulate Degrees Minutes and Seconds within a spreadsheet
  2. Ground Maintenance Project – Improved functionality
  3. Create 3D products from lidar
  4. Cassowary Project

 Review Sessions and win a prize at the end of Friday.