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When: April 18, 2018

Location: Mountain View Hotel, Little Mulgrave

Google Earth and XML - with Andrew Mitchell: many types of spatial data are based on XML, including GoogleEarth data, GPS data and Lidar data.

5:30pm for a 6pm start

Google Earth with XML - Andrew Mitchell

In the future XML, or its rival JSON, will be the way GIS connects with the internet of things, so this a technology that every GIS professional should understand. Sometimes we need to work with XML directly as there is no app or wizard that does what we want.

In this MapChat I will provide a basic explanation of what XML is and where it is used. I will show how, with a bit of cut and paste in a text editor, it is possible to make a time lapse movie from Google Earth imagery so that we can learn about the impact of floods and cyclones on river deltas.

Moving up to the next level, I will show how to write a GPX file with waypoints. This is a system I developed to optimise a mining exploration program

Lastly, I will talk about reading GPS data files using an XML library. The library enables me to navigate an XML file to find the bits of information I need and ignore the rest. I built a photo geotagger with about 15 lines of code using this technique.

It is liberating to be able to make the data you want when you need it, and I invite you to discover how a botanist learned to use XML-based spatial data.

Nibbles provided courtesy of FunGIS. Drinks and meals can be obtained at the bar.

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