MapChat Cartography in Action

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When: September 16, 2020 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Location: Online via Zoom

Online Via Zoom – Register to get the login information

Join the Zoom at 5pm for networking. Presentation and facilitated discussion will start at 5:15pm. Formal finish around 6pm but feel free to stay around for extra chats or discussions.

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John Brisbin is helping his local community to update its tourist map (that he drafted previously). The basic form and content of the map will need to be fairly consistent with the previous version but John is looking to significantly revamp the look/feel and styling. His comments are below

“In terms of ‘what can change’ ... the whole layout and representation can change, as long as we are still able to key the ~100 features somehow. I'm happy to take basic advice (font, colours, line styles) right through to complete overhauls. We print about 5,000 of these babies and I'd love to include a thank-you and link to FunGIS.”