Celebrate GIS Day with a Storymap

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Remember to celebrate international GIS Day on the 19th November and contribute to a global storymap

November 19 is international GIS DAY. To celebrate GIS Day, Esri has released several prototype storymaps:

Story maps combine interactive maps and multimedia content into elegant user experiences. They make it easy for you to harness the power of maps to tell your stories.

For the most part, story maps are designed for general, non-technical audiences. Many story maps are aimed at everyone, that is, anyone with access to the Internet and a curiosity about the world. However, story maps can also serve highly specialised audiences. They can summarise issues for managers and decision makers. They can help departments or teams within organisations to communicate with their colleagues.

Today we’re publishing three story maps that represent prototypes of future offerings.

Share Your View! Is a crowdsourcing app we’re developing with the goal of making the authoring and submission processes as simple as possible. The app includes a user-friendly vetting tool that enables authors to review and delete questionable content. After we release it in 2015, it will be easily configurable for use by educators and others. Please add your own view!

Geography Bee: A Global Gallery of Pollinators presents a beautiful collection of bee portraits by USGS scientist Sam Droege. It and the following story are prototypes of a future layout option for Story Map Tour, our most popular app.

Exploring the Chesapeake in John Smith’s Wake was created in collaboration with the Chesapeake Conservancy, National Park Service, and Conservation Fund. It takes users on a virtual tour of the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail. Note that you can switch between image-centric and map-centric views in this and the Geography Bee stories.

As a fun exercise, open the Share Your View! app and start sharing your unique geography with the world.

Happy GIS Day