Where's Ally?

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Learn about Spatial Agent Alistair's latest career moves, volunteer activities and global spatial adventures. This is edition one of five fortnightly articles to inform, educate and inspire!

In an adventurous move, Alistair Hart from Mangoesmapping has joined the mobile mapping software startup Takor Group. Alistair’s new role as Geospatial Sensei for Takor Group will see Alistair supporting new and existing Mappt software users around the world. Alistair will also continue to deliver the same personal service to his Mangoesmapping clients through Takor.

With it's first commercial release in 2013 at the Fungis/SSSI LiDAR Technologies Workshop, Mappt is an innovative offline GIS app that runs on Android tablets. Mappt is currently in use in 83 countries across the world, in environmental, disaster response, health and mining industries. At the time of the release, Fungis member Adella Edwards won one of the first commercial Mappt licenses ever!

Mappt features incredibly easy creation of drop down data entry forms, has dynamic photo-geotagging and integrates tightly with Google Drive. It supports caching of Google Maps tiles for access while offline, allows import of .ecw and .jp2 raster data. More features about Mappt can be explored in this LBx Journal article, where a commercial user of Mappt decribes his experience using Mappt in the field.

Takor Group became the first geospatial software company to list on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), via a reverse listing with Bone Medical last Tuesday. Takor’s shares are currently trading under the ASX code BNE.

Takor group has a strong focus on democratising access to spatial technology, enabling citizen science and supporting disaster response. As part of this focus, Takor has supported Alistair to participate as part of the volunteer community StandbyTaskforce, activated by the United Nations to provide remote disaster response assistance following the Nepal Earthquake. Additionally, Alistair will be speaking at Pivotal2015 in Brisbane in late June.

Pivotal emerged from the 2014 G20 summit and is a convergence of world leaders in governance, climate change, sustainability and spatial information. If you have an interest in the relationship between spatial and sustainability, there is quite literally no better place in the world to explore this than Pivotal. More about Pivotal next issue. Check it out and register at www.pivotal.org.

To check out Mappt software or download a free trial, head to www.mappt.com.au. View a short video on the functions of Mappt at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_WQIl821pA

If you want to get in touch with Alistair at Takor, his new email address is alistair at takor.com.au


  • Keep an ear out for Alistair this coming week - probably Wednesday morning (20/5/2015) on ABC Local Radio Far North Qld, as Alistair discusses digital citizenship, digital humanitarianism and spatial information with ABC radio presenter Phil Staley
  • Stay tuned for the next fortnightly update, coming to you from the INSPIRE Geospatial World Forum in Portugal!