Get help when you need it

GIS Stack Exchange: Provides users a free way of getting help with issues relating to all GIS platforms and coding issues within a few hours. It has saved many hours of trial and error and is a great way to learn and help others around the world.

GIS Lounge: A platform with a wealth of GIS resources connecting users with forums, user groups, training, international job listings and interesting tips for those in the spatial field.

MapInfo-L: The online MapInfo user forum and discussion page.

ESRI MOOC Program -massive open online courses: A convenient, effective, and fun way to keep up with fast-paced developments in geospatial technology. Classes are four to six weeks long and you can study whenever you have spare time. Certificates available upon completion.

Free and Open Source GIS Ramblings: a blog from a spatial data scientist, open source GIS advocate and author.


Make your own maps

Google MyMaps: provides a nice easy-to-use mapping interface to create and share custom maps with all your favourite places. Plan where you'd like to go, show where you've been, or display data of your own. You can easily embed interactive Google Maps within your own web page.


Data Discovery


Keep an eye out for other Geo happenings


A few more handy links