"Don't be left in the dark!"

The Far North GIS Users Group (FunGIS) aims to unite the far northern spatial community through events and workshops, the sharing of resources and the distribution of news of local geospatial initiatives.

FunGIS has been operating for almost 30 years and continues to serve its members through its activities.

FunGIS hosts an annual conference every May on an exciting new theme. The 2019 conference theme was "Dealing with Data".  Presentations and workshop content are freely available here

In addition, FunGIS runs monthly "MapChats" to learn about GIS use case in the Far North. 

Bonus collaborative events also pop up throughout the year. Check out our Events page for more information! 

Upcoming Events

2022 FunGIS conference - Mapping on the move!

September 15, 2022 to September 16, 2022

We live in a world of mobile devices, big change and forward momentum. Our theme this year is 'Mapping on the Move!', aimed to capture a broad range of geospatial topics. From mobile data collection, to managing moving data, adapting to and driving change through maps, providing near-real-time solutions and solving spatial problems. Hear from a variety of interesting, creative forward thinkers in the spatial sphere at our annual 31st conference!

If you’d like to become a Friend of FunGIS, and be included on our mailing list to receive information about all things spatial in FNQ and beyond, please send an email to the Secretary at admin@fungis.org