FREE MapChat - QGIS tips and tricks!

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When: February 10, 2021 5:20 pm

Location: Online via Zoom

New to QGIS? keen to learn some handy hints around navigating this free and open source software? Jump online to hear from David Cini about his user experience! From his favourite plugins, sources for further learning and creating a project, developing a map atlas to print a hard copy map book based on themes and a map index.


As the role of the spatial sciences grows in all sectors, free tools such as QGIS become more and more invaluable to professionals and amateur spatial scientists.

GIS Analyst, David Cini, has been working with QGIS in conjunction with proprietary software for the past three years in a professional capacity and has gained experience in more facets than the basic spatial functions.

Join us online via Zoom to hear about some of the tips, tricks and handy hints David has learned along the way from new to professional QGIS user!

This is a free Zoom session, please register for the login link and passcode! 


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